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Vacations are supposed to be fun....right?

I live a busy and yet ironically mostly uneventful life. I work full time doing administrative work and I have two part time businesses, massage therapy and selling Mary Kay products.

Every year my husband's family goes to the same stupid hotel in the mountains so that they can "have fun." There's a nice little amusement park up there and a real rollerskating rink that can still be rented out and they've even got a drive in movie theater.

I took a vacation day today so I could run a bunch of errands and pack and stuff before we go. I told my husband that I would be busy all day, which he somehow took to mean that I would no longer be available for our date night tonight (which has been scheduled for over a week) and is now fishing. He doesn't understand why I'm angry. Day, my friends, is NOT the same thing as night.

Anyway, so tomorrow we have to drive four hours to go on a vacation I only minimally enjoy. I'm a bit of a stick in the mud. I don't like amusement parks, pretty much at all (the roller coasters scare me (in a bad way) and the spinning rides make me puke). I couldn't rollerskate to save my life either. I do, however, look forward to the drive in movie. My husband told me today we might not even go to that this year. Also, due to the fact that the hot tub room is $20 extra a night (and I care because?) his mother put us in a regular room instead. Thanks mom. Suffice it to say, I'm rather bummed.

So not only am I going on a vacation with Billy's family (some of which I barely tolerate) doing stuff that Billy's family enjoys, but I also got a call from my sister in law who wants me to give her and her fiance a massage while I'm up there, oh and could I do a Mary Kay demonstration too?

Now, I don't want to be mean and say that she was demanding, she wasn't. When I told her I didn't really want to fuss with all that stuff she very graciously said she understood. My husband on the other hand did that whole reverse psycology bullshit to make me feel awful. He is sooo not my favorite person right now.

I'm still not going to work this weekend, even if it is a crappy vacation.

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