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05 July 2008 @ 03:51 pm
Lottery Ticket #1  
I'm a lazy person. I'm so pathetically lazy that my life dream is to win the lottery so that I can be lazy and still have enough money to not die from exposure and starvation. I figure, since I regularly state to my friends that I'd love to win the lottery, that maybe I should actually play once in a while. So I've decided to do a little experiment.

Here's the gist:

I will, on a semi-regular basis, purchase one lottery ticket and record my losses and wins. At the end of the year I will find out if it was worth it or not. My hunch is that nothing with happen other than me being short $10.00 every so often. Of course, it doesn't hurt to dream.

Lottery Ticket #1 (scratch off "win $100,000 a year for life")
Cost: $10.00
Won: $10.00
Profit: $0.00

Cost to date: $10.00
Profit to date: $0.00
Current Mood: blahblah