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First Line Meme

First line meme. Snagged from t_eyla
Pick five of your stories and post the first line from each. Give a brief explaination.
Note: every single story I've ever posted is from the Doctor Who fandom and is Doctor/Rose shippy.

1. He cries out her name as he empties himself inside her.
This is the first line to my most recent fic, All of Him. It is a romantic little ficlet and my first attempt at smut ever. (spoilers for S4 in case you want to read it)

2. Rose Tyler let out a long-suffering sigh as she laid her head back on the top of her executive office chair.
This is the first line of my very first fic, Come Back to Me. It is a post-doomsday reunion story that is now AU. Ir is the only multi-chaptered fic that I've ever finished and I am insanely proud of it.

3. The Doctor sauntered into the control room, hands planted firmly in his trouser pockets and a typically pensive expression plastered on his handsome face.
From the story, Out of Range. Pretty much it's how Martha could have gotten her superphone, with a bit of Doctor/Rose angst for good measure.

4. The Doctor braced his feet against the rough bark of the tree limb in order to scoot his body into a more comfortable position.
A strangely absurd first line for the most beautiful piece of writing I've ever written. (I'm so humble aren't I?) This is from Illumination.

5. When Rose wakes up, the Doctor isn’t waiting for her in the kitchen with a cup of tea and a trite comment about how long “apes” have to sleep.
This is actually from my darkest fic and one of the only ones I've written about the Ninth Doctor. Alas, Of Dreams and Waking has been a work in progress for far too long, but I do hope to continue with it eventually.
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