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Just a few things that really stuck with me from "Journey's End"

* The whole episode was a great big beautiful gift to the fans. Some people are not happy with this, but I thought it was gorgeous.

* Dalek Caan(sp?) was in on it. Ha!!!

* Mickey and Jackie with the big guns. Awesome!

* Martha FTW! She was happy for the Doctor when she found out Rose was back. "Oh my God, you found her." This was one of the moments where I burst into unexpected tears. She won me there. As much as I've professed to actually like Martha recently, I was still holding on to a bit of bitterness for her, but now I love her.

* The Doctor gave Rose a human version of himself. This in and of itself is lovely, a version of the man she loves that she can have a life with. But the reason the Doctor gave, that this new man NEEDED her because he was exactly the same as when Rose met the Ninth Doctor. just broke me. I cried the hardest at this part. It was brilliant and perfectly romantic. She saved him from himself and the Doctor needs her to do the same for the human one. Just thinking about it makes my eyes well up again. *sob!*

* And really, as they were standing on that beach, and Rose was holding Human!Doctor's hand all I kept thinking was, honorh, RTD totally stole your idea!! It was Seed Pearls, only Human!Doctor looks like Ten instead of Nine. Inside though, he's as much Nine as he is Ten. I kept waiting for the human one to say, "you're going to miss him aren't you?" and for Rose to say, "I already do."


* Sarah Jane said the Doctor has a huge family. Awwwww! And he really does. I loved the scene where they were all piloting the TARDIS. It was like it was meant to be, a full TARDIS with a full crew. So much happy for the Doctor all at once.

* Donna's departure broke my heart. She didn't deserve that. She was so wonderful and so amazing and the Doctor was forced to take that from her. Methinks that was worse than death. I can't imagine how hard it was for him to steal her memories. Okay, gotta stop, I'm crying again....

* And the Doctor is left as he always is, alone. We've come full circle. RTD left us where we began. Moffat has a clean slate to start with. May he fill it with good things.
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