svanderslice (svanderslice) wrote,

Silence in the Library - *is scared!*

Well, this ep officially scared the poo out of me.

I've always had an irrational fear of the dark, and while as an adult it has downgraded to a moderate anxiety instead of outright fear, and I don't check under the bed anymore, this episode was definitely enough to bring those latent fears to the foreground. I feel bad for any parents who's children are going to digress because of this episode.

Dr. Song isn't bothering me. I'm loving how she's throwing the Doctor off and completely wigging him out. I also think she's either going to turn out to be the bad guy, or just die at the end of the episode. I think I want her to die. It would be such a lovely poetic irony that his first meeting with her would be her last meeting with him. It's something I might write. Although it isn't very much in character of the Doctor to let himself fall in love with someone who he knows the exact moment of their death. It's just asking for pain.

The idea that all the people in the library were "saved" is a really good one, but it's a bit too obvious that they've been downloaded into the core computer at the center of the planet. I wonder why the little girl can control stuff and no one else can though. Hmmm.....

I also have to say, that the digital "ghosting" they do after they die is just as horrifying as Donna said. It's just as terrifying as the actual creatures in this ep. Plus, I also have an irrational fear of skulls, so that walking skeleton completely freaked me out. I'm not going to want to go to bed alone tonight. My husband better be home by then.

I'm surprised by how many people didn't like this episode. I think everyone just needs to relax and enjoy the ride.
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