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What's really in the Goblet of Fire...

So I laughed harder tonight than I have in a very long time. I've discovered a new brand of geek, the Theater Geek.

Turns out, they are seriously my people.

After play practice a bunch of us went out to Applebees for drinks and appetizers. I was laughing all night over jokes like, "who wants to see Harry Potter's "magic wand?" in reference Daniel Radcliff's role in Equus, and "Live Long and F***-off," while the person telling the joke held up half a live long and prosper symbol while emphasizing his middle finger. I laughed so hard my asthma started acting up.

Half of them randomly broke out in Leonard Nemoy's song "Bilbo Baggins," a song I thought I was seriously the only person who knew.

We discussed the amazing potential of a Star Wars Musical for the stage, and attempted to make Wookie noises.

I told them how women look at sex like it's chocolate (you crave it if you can't have it, but if you can have it you have to be in the mood for it, even if it's the best chocolate in the world) and men look at sex as being pizza (even bad pizza is better than no pizza at all). By the end of the night half the guys were offering me "chocolate." Hee hee. Oh, and they wanted to know what a "s'more" would be.

Being a geek is really really fun. :)
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