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blessings in the form of Who fans

So I've been freaking out since Friday (when my boss sprung this on me with hardly any notice at all) that I would have to get on a plane to Columbus, Ohio and fly by myself for the first time.

I asked everyone to pray for me for safe travel and peace of mind. And let me tell you about the power of prayer.

I got into the wrong line and was absolutely adamant that it wasn't the wrong line. There was a red headed woman behind me, who of course took my word for it that it was the wrong line. I shared with her that I'd just gulped down two glasses of wine and was feeling a lot more comfortable with the idea of flying than I ever had before.

She, thought this was pretty funny, and so we struck up a conversation. We sat together on the plane (you know, once we'd been relocated to the correct line), and it turns out, we had a LOT in common. She is an aspiring romance novelist (something I claim to be on my best days) and flies all the time so she wasn't nervous at all. We chatted for a while, and I told her that the only thing I'd ever written was fanfiction. She asked me for what fandom. I nervously said, "Doctor Who,"

Suprisingly, this woman asked me, "new Who, or Old Who?" When I said new she positive lit up. Yes friends, on a business trip, out of the hundred people on a plane to Columbus Ohio, I found the one other Doctor Who fan and spent the entire otherwise uneventful flight fangirling Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant, discussing the ins and outs of fanfiction, and firmly confirming that we both considered the Doctor and Rose to be OTP.

By the end of the flight we'd exchanged email addresses and livejournal accounts. She wants to read my fanfiction. So not only did I meet a new friend, but I was so distracted with the lovely conversation that I was only occasionally mildly nervous during the flight and didn't panic once. So today I learned once again that God works in wonderfully strange and Mysterious ways, and is pretty okay with my Doctor Who obsession.

Life, for this one shining glorious moment, is good.
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