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Fic: Life and Death (1/1)

Title: Life and Death
Pairing/Characters: 9,Rose
Rating: PG
Spoilers: The Unquiet Dead
Beta: This one is unbetad, so sorry in advance for any mistakes.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, If I did you'd be watching this story on TV
Synopsis: The progression of Rose's thoughts while trapped in that dungeon in Cardiff
Status: Oneshot
This was my entry for challenge 1.02 on doctor_rose_las. I didn't do so well this time around, two negative comments and no positive ones. Still, It didn't get me eliminated yet, so I figure it can't be that bad. So, if you like it please comment, so I don't get too depressed when I get my negative feedback emailed to me. Thanks.

Rose Tyler is going to die.

Over one hundred years before she’s even born, her and the impossible man standing next to her are going to be murdered in some horrific fashion. They are then to join ranks with a bunch of raspy-voiced, blue-veined zombies bent on world domination. It’s like something out of a bad, late-night horror film, with Rose somehow cast as the damsel in distress. She’s even got a dashing hero, such as he is, standing off to her side. He’s trying desperately to explain the complicated weave of impossibleness that is time travel, and blathering on about tea parties and wars that she’ll never get a chance to really hear about.

The tiny cage they’ve imprisoned themselves in reeks of death and whatever chemical they use to preserve it. So far it’s keeping out the macabre horde desperate to get inside, but these thin bars won’t hold forever. She smacks her back against the cold stone wall, feeling the ragged surface dig painlessly into her skin, and focusing for just a second on that small bit of real in such an unreal reality. It’s a far cry from the Powell Estates, or the chippy on the corner, or even sneaking out at night to kiss some stupid boy she’s better off without.

The Doctor stands next to her, still the most amazing man she’s ever met, despite his propensity for danger, or perhaps because of it. He’s blaming himself for their imminent demise, deciding it’s his fault that there will be no more boys to kiss, stupid or otherwise.

Oh, but she wanted to come. Folding jumpers and dishing out chips just weren’t cutting it anymore for her; she wanted so much more than that, to do something worth remembering. She wanted to see the universe, touch time, and live an impossible dream. And she did it! The Doctor made Rose’s wildest dreams come to life and now he’s regretting that decision.

Rose can’t let that happen. In distress she may be, but for all the heaving cleavage this dress puts on display, a cowering damsel she is not! Let those zombies come, she thinks; let them see what happens when you corner a girl from South London. If they want to turn her into one of them, she’s going to thin their numbers a bit in the process.

She takes a deep breath, glances up at the Doctor. “We’ll go down fighting yeah?” They join hands; her sweaty palm slides against his cool one as their fingers intertwine. Hazel eyes meet intense blue, and suddenly the cold, dank dungeon seems so much warmer than before, her bravery so much more real than imagined.

His smile burns away the remaining chill; his words reflect her courage back at her. “I’m so glad I met you.”

His grin is contagious, bubbling up through Rose’s whole body before stretching across her lips. “Me too,” she answers. And she means it. Because for the first time, here in this dark basement, surrounded by death and decay, over a hundred years before she’s even born….

Rose Tyler finally feels alive.
Tags: doctor who, doctor/rose, fic

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