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okay, I admit it...I'm twelve years old.

Well, not chronologically, but this game proves I am emotionally. But admit it, you are too and this is gonna make you laugh. Snagged from bohemianneko

1. Put your music player on "random." Skip songs with not-very interesting titles (such as "Concerto #4 in E minor")
2. List the titles of the first 25 songs to come up.
3. Put "in my pants" after each title.
4. Bold the ones that actually made you laugh.

1. Come Down On Me - in my pants (one of the Doctor Who confidential songs, I swear!)
2. Easier to Be - in my pants
3. Love is a Place - in my pants
4. clubfoot - in my pants (that doesn't sound too comfortable :(
5. Chemicals Collide - in my pants ( comment)
6. Hanging by a Moment - in my pants
7. Shattered - in my pants
8. Evergreen - in my pants
9. Not Quite Paradise - in my pants (goodness! that's a shame)
10. I bet you look good on the dance floor - in my pants
11. Indian Vibes - in my pants (I know I shouldn't have laughed, but I couldn't help it)
12. The Good Life - in my pants
13. How Far We've Come - in my pants (*giggle!snort*)
14. A thousand Miles - in my pants (should I wash em, or just throw em out?)
15. Don't Leave Me Here - in my pants
16. Suddenly I see - in my pants (I don't want to know)
17. Dance With the Devil - in my pants (should I be scared?)
18. Kryptonite - in my pants (Superman better watch out)
19. Why Won't You Give Me Your Love - in my pants
20. The Joke - in my pants (If I was a man, I'd be worried)
21. Fall and I will catch you - in my pants
22. Kiss my Karma - in my pants
23. Better do Better - in my pants
24. Two Of Us - in my pants (oh my!)
25. The day we meet again - in my pants

Apparently I got quite a bit of amusement out of this one.
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