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Aparently this is NOT a PHD program...

So I got my first essay back from the teacher today (you know, the one that I was writing panicked rants about for days) and there are red notes EVERYWHERE. She pretty much loved everything about it, but at the end she said "Sarah, this is English 101, NOT a PHD program, you can dumb it down a bit." I was, she admitted, the only one in the class to get an "A" on the first essay, so I don't think I'll be taking her advice. I'm not sure I know how to "dumb" myself down anyway.

On a slightly related note I finished writing my entry for challenge 1.02 on doctor_rose_las. I'm pleased with it, but a bit nervous. I can't tell you why I'm nervous though, I'll have to save that for after the voting. I am however extremely excited to have managed to get it finished.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm sick again. I'm all congested and I have a sore throat. The cough will most likely follow shortly. I have now officially been sick more days in 2008 than I have been healthy. So now my options are:
A) find a new Doctor and DEMAND that they tell my why my immune system seems to be suddenly made of silly string and glitter.
B) See an allergist, because I think that allergies can tax your immune system and maybe getting allergy shots would help, Or
C) do nothing.

I will try and psych myself up to do A, or B, but the likelihood of my settling for C is unfortunately high. I'm one of those people who deserve to be sick because we hate going to the Doctor.

Strike that, I hate going to the doctor, not the Doctor. The Doctor I would plow through an angry hoard of screaming fangirls and their mothers for a glimpse of. *cough* I'm just saying...*shifts eyes*
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