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11 February 2008 @ 08:20 pm
I'll probaby be asleep in 20 minutes  
I'm freezing cold (seeing as how it's in the single digits outside that isn't really unusual) so I'm drinking a HUGE mug of hot apple juice and wine mixed together. I'm very much expecting it to go to my head fairly soon.

I have not received my feedback from doctor_rose_las yet, but seeing as how I got five positive responses and zero negative ones, I'm not altogether worried about it. I am kind of curious to see what everyone said though. If the comments are as nice as the one's I've gotten so far on my personal journal, then they're worth waiting for anyway.

ooh, I'm starting to get that really nice relaxed feeling from the wine. Maybe I'll go lay down and read a book. I should be out like a light really....zzzzzz
Current Mood: coldcold