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A minor health update and some Doctor Who silliness

So I haven't coughed all day. YAY! I'm hopeing that's because I'm getting better, and not because I haven't been outside in the cold at all.

I started reading Doctor Who: Wetworld, by Mark Michalowski today. It's a Ten era book with Martha in it, so I wouldn't have actually purchased it myself, but my brother got it for me for Christmas. Anyway, I'm only a couple of chapters in, but I just came across a short passage that had me cracking up. I wanted to share.

Doctor: "Where exactly is here, by the way?"

Girl he's just startled by popping in out of nowhere: "The Slim Forest."

Doctor: "Ah...the Slim Forest. I take it there's a Not-So-Slim Forest around here somewhere then? And maybe a Rather Stocky Forest too? Or has that one been renamed the Big-Boned Forest?"

HEE! Maybe it's because weight loss is a life long battle with me, but I found that little passage more than a little amusing. I hope you enjoyed it too.
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