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*does a Christmas Happy Dance*

There was a Christmas card in the mail for me when I got home from work today, and low and behold it was from my friend Michelle, who lives in England. I was so excited to get a card from her that I rushed to my computer room to open it.


I was so excited, and so very touched that she sent it to me. We can't get those here in the USA.

There is a picture of the Tenth Doctor on the front, pointing his sonic screwdriver at me. The TARDIS is behind him, partially wrapped in red Christmas paper. The paper is being removed by one of those robot Santas. The front says "Merry Christmas."

On the inside, there is a blue and white picture of the Doctor in the TARDIS, and the script says, "Have an amazing time."

I'm so happy with my card, I think I'll go show it to everyone. *continues to dance a bit*


In other news... I got to talk to my friend Meg on the phone today for the first time. We've been online buddies for over a year now, and it was so great to hear her voice. She's such a great person, and the conversation was so much fun. :)
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