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Halloween Mem, snagged from dominamia

Halloween Meme
bohemianneko runs around screaming for hours until abruptly silenced by starlightmoonla, wielding a sharpened Bank Manager's lunchbox
brilliantomega devours the entire neighbourhood's pumpkin
dominamiadominamia creates an unholy monstrosity from ganerisganeris, dominamiadominamia and misssara11misssara11
ganeris shows up with burning torches, pitchforks and dip
goldy_dollar calls brilliantomega to let them know the psycho killer's in the dashboard
irishlullaby TPs your candy
ivydoor haunts your gerbils
lachrimtov sacrifices vinceliav's cutlery
ladyofgallifrey eats miladyhawke's spicy, spicy brains.
megz33 summons the undead armies of ladyofgallifrey to steal your candy
miladyhawke tries to pick up Phantom Hitchhikers
misssara11 puts fake eyeballs in your Wings Greatest Hits
rjrog77 buries ganeris at the crossroads with a axe through their heart
starlightmoonla puts apples in your razorblades
vinceliav carves bohemianneko's effigy in the medium of socks
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