August 30th, 2010

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David Tennant at the Emmys

I just have to point out how strange it must be for DT to be in a place where most of the guests have never heard of him.

And I stress that most not all of the Emmy guests probably didn't know him, because if I'd had the chance to be there I would have been the one screaming fangirl making a fool of herself, while everyone else was scratching their heads and saying, "who the hell is that guy?"

But really, he's used to being practically attacked while woman scream his name, children stare in awe, and paparazzi flash cameras in his face. Hardly anyone even noticed he was at the Emmys besides the fact that he was standing next to Betty White. It makes me wonder if he found this refreshing, or depressing.

Update: Now that I've had a chance to think about it, I really wish I had been there. Because if I was the ONLY screaming fangirl, maybe he would have stopped to chat with me for a minute. It's worth thinking about...