March 12th, 2008

ME - Shenko flower wreaths

I should win some kind of award for this

So I have my final essay (worth 40% of my grade in English) due tomorrow. I've written exactly zero words so far.

I also have a lame ass two page assessment of the class (it sucked and was boring) to write, along with five worksheets, a portfolio, and some flash cards to finish. I haven't started them either.

I will however, still get an A on all of the above. I am determined. I am collegiate. I am sleep deprived.

I don't plan this, really I don't. I'd planned on getting everything done on Monday night, and then I felt ill and had to go to bed. I'd planned on getting it done last night, but then one of my oldest friends called, asked me to be her Matron of honor, and needed me to go wedding dress shopping with her. How do you say no to that??? I'm just a little bit screwed right now.

Luckily the class ends tomorrow night, I'll have some time to recover.

Wish me luck!
ME - Shenko flower wreaths

Sarah Jane doll

So the general Doctor Who comm was making digital character dolls. I made a Sarah Jane one and wanted to share it with my F-list too.


Update: hee hee, I've added her sonic lipstick. :)
ME - Shenko flower wreaths


I'm a die hard fan of most things in the Doctor Who universe, but I just have to say for the record, that this past episode of Torchwood (2.10), was kind of disappointing.

It wasn't scary, it didn't make much sense, they didn't justify how ANYTHING was done, the ending was predictable, and it even looked like the plot was kind of painful for the actors to perform.

It kind of reminded me of watching Daleks in Manhatten from S3 of Doctor Who, you know, minus the penis headed alien.

Maybe I'm just being negative because I'm stressed out from school and work right now.

I don't think so though.

If anyone loved it I'd be glad to hear their opinion. It might help me appreciate it better.