February 6th, 2008

ME - Shenko flower wreaths

is it spring???

So it’s 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside in February. Everyone is going to be sick for days. I’m enjoying it for now though. I just want to run outside and spin like I’m eight years old. Anyone game?
ME - Shenko flower wreaths

This REALLY shouldn't be so painful.

I know I’m whining. I really should stop, seeing as how it’s starting to annoy even me. I just can’t believe how painful writing this stupid essay is. I hope my professor asks for feedback. I know she won’t. They never do when you actually have some feedback to give. If the next topic is as difficult as this one I might just drop the stupid class. I don’t want to do that though. I haven’t quit a class yet and I don’t want to stop now. I just don’t want to finish this stupid thing.

You know that game you play when you’re a kid, and you ask each other what magic power you’d pick if you could only have one? Right now I’d like to be able to snap my fingers and have this essay written. It wouldn’t even have to be an A paper, I would be completely satisfied with a B. *headdesk*

Okay, whiney rant over now. I’m going back to work. *sigh*
ME - Shenko flower wreaths

They sooooo should have made this!

So I just got my Doctor Who Magazine Series Two Companion in the mail today (I'm American, so I had to order this special). I took a brief break from writing my English essay to scan through the pages. In the Doomsday section there is a blurb about the little "TARDISODES" that they make for the web. The one for Doomsday just has a news woman urging the public to run from the cybermen. Apparently the original script was much different. See below:

An earlier draft of Tardisode 13 was very different. This featured a voice-over from Jackie talking about Rose over a montage of clips of Billie Piper, ending with the Doctor laying flowers at Rose's grave, marked ROSE MARION TYLER, 1987 - 2006. "GATHER THE ROSE OF LOVE WHILST YET IS TIME." Followed by the camera panning to another gravestone reading, JACQUELINE ANDREA SUZETTE TYLER. 1966 - 2006. "FOR THE CHILD IS THE ANCHOR THAT HOLDS A MOTHER TO LIFE."

Seriously, I get why they took it out, because the Doctor understands that Rose is alive. But wow! How beautiful would that little scene have been? And the epitaphs on the graves are just heartbreakingly beautiful. I'd like to believe that the Doctor would have chosen those words for Rose, and the ones for Jackie are so perfect. If you can say anything about that woman, she loves her daughter.

Also, I thought this scene could inspire some great fic, if anyone's interested.