December 11th, 2007

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My Favorite Lullaby

This has always been my favorite Lullaby. I think the tune is lovely, and the lyrics are so comforting. The last line is about death, but that makes sense for when it was written. Children died all the time before we had antibiotics and immunizations. The last stanza is a prayer and a promise, that the child now going to sleep be taken gently to heaven should the need arise.

I found the lyrics on line, and just thought I'd share them with my f-list. If you'd like to hear the tune (played in simple computer synthesized notes, sorry) then you should go here.

All Through the Night

Old Welsh Air
Written By: Sir Harold Boulton (1884)
Copyright Unknown

Sleep, my child, and peace attend thee,
All through the night;
Guardian angels God will send thee,
All through the night;
Soft the drowsy hours are creeping,
Hill and vale in slumber sleeping,
I my loving vigil keeping,
All through the night.

While the moon her watch is keeping,
All through the night;
While the weary world is sleeping,
All through the night;
O'er thy spirit gently stealing,
Visions of delight revealing,
Breathes a pure and holy feeling,
All through the night.

Hark, a solemn bell is ringing,
Clear through the night;
You, my love, are heav'nward winging,
Home through the night.
Earthly dust from off thee shaken,
By good angels art though taken;
Soul immortal shalt though waken,
Home through the night.
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