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Fic: Serenade (2/6)

Title: Serenade
Fandom: Mass Effect
Pairing/Characters: Femshep/Kaidan
Genre: Romance/humor/angst/fluff
Rating: Adult (language, and some smut in part 2)
mild spoilers for all three games
Beta: This one is unbetad, so sorry in advance for any mistakes.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, If I did the ending wouldn't have sucked.

Five times Kaidan Alenko sang to his Commander Shepard, and one time he didn’t.
(The First Time)

The Second Time

His skin was smooth, damp with sweat, and unbelievably warm. Shepard couldn’t get enough of touching him. If she’d had one wish at that moment, it would have been to cocoon them both in the cheap, white, linen hotel sheets and never let either of them emerge. Kaidan moaned, burying his face more deeply into the pillow, as she brushed her palms up his flanks. Her fingertips caressed him slowly, memorizing every freckle and scar on the otherwise perfect skin of his back. She traced strong lines of ridged muscle, stroked over the hills and valleys of his ribs. Salt exploded on her tongue as she trailed a line of hot kisses up his spine.

“Mmmmm…..” he hummed in sleepy appreciation, as Shepard’s lips reached the top of his shoulder. She gently nipped the skin there with her teeth, and his beautiful brown eyes shot open.

“Good morning, sleepy head, “she crooned against his skin. “Did you have good dreams?”
Kaidan sighed as he rolled from his front to face her. “Amazing, unbelievable ones,” he said with a lazy smile, before reaching up to smooth a lock of ginger hair behind her ear. “Seeing you next to me, like this…it makes it hard to believe I’m actually awake now.”

Shepard couldn’t help it; her entire body tingled with joy at his silly, romantic words. She grinned widely, feeling the emotion shine out of her eyes and just knowing this response was clearly written all over her face. However, for some unfathomable reason, she didn’t want to hide it from him anyway.

“Come here,” he said, pulling her into his arms and rolling her beneath him. His palms caressed her cheeks, fingertips smoothing her hair back to get a better view of her features. She wrapped her legs around his narrow hips, hissing when the proof of his arousal ground into her wet heat. “What have you done to me?” He rasped. “We saved the whole damn citadel, destroyed an ancient killing machine, and are rewarded with a measly two days of shore leave before we get shipped out again. And instead of calling my parents, or catching up on sleep, or even requisitioning some better equipment, I snuck into a hotel with my commanding officer, and have barely left her bed for nearly forty hours. And still,” he said, grinding his pelvis against hers for emphasis, “all I want to do is bury myself inside you, again and again.”

Arching her back and using his own weight against him, Shepard managed to reverse their positions, straddling his hips and digging her knees into the mattress for leverage. Kaidan sat up, placing his chest flush against hers, and palmed her cheeks again.

“You are so damn beautiful,” he said breathlessly, before crushing his lips to hers in an ardent kiss.

Shepard’s hands couldn’t be in enough places at once. She clutched his shoulders, ran her fingers up to caress his neck, scratched her nails up through his glorious dark curls. She felt desperate and wanton and, for the first time, just as beautiful as Kaidan claimed her to be. He made her feel a plethora of confusing contradictions. In his arms she felt both strong enough to take on anything, and safer than she’d ever been.

His lips traveled over the tendons in her neck, leaving hot, open mouthed kisses on his way down. Shepard gasped as he took one of her pert nipples between his lips and lightly suckled it. She moaned, almost completely undone, when he captured its twin and rolled the little nub between his finger and thumb. She felt the cool sheets at her back as he gently laid her down against the bed. His hot mouth continued to travel southward.

“I want to taste you everywhere,” he claimed, proving it as he flicked his tongue into her navel. “I want to make you scream. I want you to forget that anyone else has ever made you feel even half as good as this.”

She opened her mouth, wanted to tell him that no one had ever even come close, but the only sound that came out was a sharp moan as his lips found her core. “More,” she gasped, as he licked a long line up her slit. He obliged, wrapping his lips around the tiny bud at her center and sucking, hard.

She fisted handfuls of the linen sheets, crying out as she bucked against his mouth. “More!” she demanded again, managing to get the word out through a clenched jaw. He chuckled lightly before plunging two long fingers into her tight sheath.
Shepard screamed as her climax hit her like a freight train. It stole her breath, brought tears to her eyes, and left her shaking all over. She panted heavily as Kaidan massaged her clit a few more times with his tongue, letting the aftershocks ripple through her body.

“Shit,” she breathed, before erupting into decidedly girlish giggles. “Oh my God, Kaidan!”

The smirk that split his face was all smug, triumphant male. “Like that?” he practically beamed.

“Come here, you” she commanded playfully, holding her arms out for him to fill.
Kaidan crawled up her body, wiping the corner of the sheet across his mouth, before kissing her full on the lips. Shepard moaned, still able to taste herself on him, despite his attempt to rub it away. She felt the velvety tip of his erection teasing her entrance and reached down to wrap her fingers around it.

“Ugh,” he grunted, as she firmly stroked his length. He leaned his forehead into hers, his breath heavy and panting against her face with glide of her fingers. “Please,” he pleaded. She twisted her hand a little. “Oh God, Baby, I need to be inside you right now.”

She arched up and they moaned in unison as he finally slid home. After a day and half of frequent lovemaking, and the powerful orgasm Kaidan had just given her, Shepard was deliciously sensitive inside. Each stroke was just on the good edge of pain; sharp and sweet and rippling through her core in one long wave of cyclical pleasure.

She palmed the globes of his ass in each hand, pulling him into her even deeper than before, and feeling his muscles clench with each thrust. Overwhelmed, she bit into the flesh of shoulder, muffling her cries against his skin. His pace quickened; his rhythm becoming erratic. He wasn’t going to last long this time, but Shepard didn’t care. She wanted… no, she corrected herself; she needed him to lose control.

Rolling them over at the last minute, Shepard managed to keep him inside her as she took charge. He clasped her hips tightly in his hands, bending his knees and grinding up into her as she rode him from above. It only took a few more deep thrusts for Kaidan to finally let go. He threw his head back with a guttural cry, and Shepard felt his whole body shudder as he emptied himself inside her.

Suddenly overcome with intense exhaustion, Shepard collapsed onto Kaidan’s chest in a sweaty heap of sated nerves and limp muscle. He rolled her onto the mattress and tucked her into his side, pillowing her cheek in the hollow of his shoulder.

“I think,” he panted, “ that I’m finally done, at least for a good while.” He kissed the top of her head, letting out a satisfied chuckle into her hair.

She smirked up at him, calling his bluff. “Not that I’m complaining, mind you, but that’s what you said about fifteen hours ago, before joining me in the shower to ‘save water.’ I’m pretty sure you said it again, when we were going to go out for some food, but didn’t make it past the elevator; and then again, after we got room service and you decided to use me as your dinner plate.”

Kaidan laughed in earnest now, jostling Shepard around in his mirth. “And whose fault do you suppose that is, Commander, hmm?”

“Oh,” she exclaimed, straddling his hips once again to stare down at him. “So I’m ‘Commander’ again, am I?”

“Absolutely,” he teased. “And as my commanding officer, it is your duty to take full responsibility for all actions I make on your behalf.”

“Is that so, Lieutenant?” He just smirked at her. “I don’t seem to remember ever actually ordering you to do any of those things.”

“I respectfully disagree, ma’am; unless of course it was someone else crying out,” his voice raised an octave, “more, Kaidan, more!

Heat rushed into her cheeks at his words and she retaliated by smacking a pillow against the side of his head.

“Oh!” he exclaimed, throwing her fluffy weapon to the floor. “So, I’m to be punished for insubordination now, am I?” She squealed as he tackled her back down to the bed beneath him.
“Admit I am not to blame for your recent sex addiction,” she commanded, still laughing as he nuzzled his face against her neck.

“I would,” Kaidan countered, “but my mother taught me not to lie, and you are most definitely to blame.”

Hers face split into a wide, triumphant grin. “Enlighten me.”

“Everything about you demands my attention,” he claimed, “your bravery, your intelligence, your sense of humor.” He pinched her side, just hear her giggle. “Your sexy laugh, your gorgeous smile,” he kissed her lips, “your perfect breasts…”

Shepard rolled her eyes. “They’re small,” she complained.

“Hey!” Kaidan pulled a wounded expression. “Don’t you go insulting two of my most favorite things in the galaxy.” He cupped each of the soft mounds in his hands. “Not too big,” he assessed, feeling their weight, “and not too small. Like I said, perfect.”

“Well, thanks.” Shepard bit her bottom lip as pink heat spread across her cheeks.

“I can never seem to get my fill,” he told her, “and it is entirely your fault. Every time I look at you, hell,” he corrected, “every time I even think of you, I’m ready to find a corner somewhere to pleasure you until you’re screaming my name.”

Shepard frowned, suddenly thrown out of their perfect moment. “It’s going to be so much harder to do that in…” she glanced at the terminal across the room, “…about seven hours. I don’t know how I’m going to go back to pretending you’re just another officer under my command.”

Kaidan sighed, before wrapping his arms around her and once again tucking her into his side. “Part of me doesn’t give a damn about the regs anymore,” he told her. “I wish I could claim you in front of the entire crew; just take you in my arms and kiss you on the command deck for everyone to see.”

“Well,” she huffed, “that would certain give them something to talk about.”

He buried his face against her neck and chuckled, his whole body shaking in sudden amusement.

“What?” She tapped him on the shoulder, trying to bring his attention back to her. “What’s so funny?”

He pulled away from her neck, wiping tears from his eyes as he attempted to rein in his mirth. “It’s just a memory that struck me as funny, that’s all.” he told her, moving to settle onto his back. “My mom used to sing this old song while she did the housework sometimes, and I never realized what it was about until I grew up and finally listened to the entire thing. I was just thinking the lyrics fit our situation almost perfectly.”

Shepard followed his movement, rolling to face him and placing her palm against his chest. “Will you sing it for me,” she asked, playing with the light dusting of hair on his skin, “please?”

He captured her hand in his, bringing it to his mouth to kiss each fingertip. “Are you sure?”
A little thrill shot through her at the possibility of once again hearing Kaidan’s extraordinarily sexy baritone. “Definitely,” she assured him.

“Let’s give them something to talk about, babe,” he sang out, a bit of unexpected country twang coloring his remarkable voice. “A little mystery to figure out…”

Shepard erupted into giggles as he mimicked the guitar riff with his mouth.

“Let's give them something to talk about, how about l…” Kaidan stopped, mid note, a wave of startled panic moving across his features.”

Reaching out to touch his face, Shepard felt dark stubble scrape her palm as she gently forced him to meet her gaze. The sincerity she saw in his burnt caramel colored eyes made her heart swell at least five sizes. “Love?” she asked him, her voice barely more than a whisper.

Kaidan’s whole body relaxed instantly. A pleasant, relieved smile stretched across his mouth. “Love,” he agreed, singing out the final lyrics against her lips, “Love, love, love…”

Author’s notes:
* Please take the time to comment if you enjoyed this story. Your words mean a lot to me.

* This was my first attempt at writing a significant amount of detailed smut. Please be kind.

* Kaidan sing’s “Something to Talk About,” by Bonnie Raitt.
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