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Doctor who Ep 6.03 RANT

The Doctor at his core, is a superhero. We watch the show every week because we want to see him save the day. And for the most part he doesn't disappoint. He is triumphant, over and over again.

One of the most important ways the Doctor is different from all other superheros is that his superpower isn't flight, or x-ray vision, or invincibility; no the Doctor's superpower is how incredibly and otherworldly intelligent he is.

He is utterly brilliant. His mind runs circles around our tiny human ones without breaking a sweat or even getting out of breath. They've even mentioned on Doctor Who Confidential that the reason the 11th Doctor can hardly even finish a sentence is that his mind is so far ahead of his mouth, that we don't get to hear the complete thought. So how is it that even with all of that knowledge, experience, and cleverness, that the DOCTOR (notice the emphasis here) doesn't know how to perform CPR????

WTF? That is the dumbest thing I've ever seen on Doctor Who, and I've seen season 3's "Daleks in Manhattan." And I haven't even talked about the fact that Rory woke up WAAAY too long after Amy stopped trying to save him. It was theatrical, and just plain stupid.

And even if we believe that the Doctor somehow has forgotten all of his medical knowledge since his 9th incarnation (The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances), doesn't the TARDIS have a med bay somewhere, or at least some advanced futuristic medical technology? I mean, the Doctor can scan Amy's (kind-of) pregnancy from the control room, but he can't save a simple human from drowning?

Who wrote this episode? And are there any more by this author coming up so I can skip them?
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