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What shows are you REALLY watching meme

Rules: Read this amazing article and then state what shows you are really watching.

Doctor Who:

Series 1: "The Doctor is so broken *sob* but Rose makes it better" show.
Series 2: "The Doctor and Rose are so in love OMG!"" show.
Series 3: The "Why are they hurting my Doctor so much?" and the "I (and the Doctor) miss Rose!"" Show.
Series 4: The "Donna is made of awesomesauce and OMG Rose is coming back!" Show.
2009 Specials: "The Doctor needs a companion already" Show.


The "Jack will sleep with anything but fancies himself in love with BOTH Ianto and Gwen" Show.


The "Booth and Brennan need to get married and have lots of gorgeous babies" Show.
and more recently: The "Wendell and Angela REALLY need to break up because they have no chemistry and Angela belongs with Hodgins" Show.

Legend of the Seeker:

The "When will Richard and kahlan just figure out that she can wear one of those magic blocking necklace thingies so they can get it on already? Show.


The "Mulder and Scully NEED each other, because they are the only ones they can trust and they are so much in love" Show.

Clean House:

The "At least I'm not as bad as these people" Show.

and I'm tagging EVERYONE on my flist because this was fun to do and I am so gosh darn bored from the MOUNTAINS of snow outside.
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