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03 January 2010 @ 11:35 am
"A Theory on the Martha/Tom Ship," or "How I Learned to Stop Complaining and Love Martha Jones."  
I have never been big on heralding the awesomeness that is Martha Jones. Admittedly, I am a HUGE Doctor/Rose shipper, but I don't think this is the only reason I had trouble warming up to her. In hindsight I'm sure it was an unconscious feeling that Martha just didn't quite fit in the TARDIS. She was brave, beautiful, clever, and loyal, all traits a good companion must have, but I don't think her heart was in the right place. She wanted the man more than she wanted the adventure, something she could never have.

That being said, my affection for the character grew in leaps and bounds once she was no longer an official companion traveling through time and space every episode. I squeed with joy when she appeared in a few episodes of Torchwood. I loved her roles in Series 4 of Doctor Who and even fell quite in love with her when she teared up and said "Oh my god, he found you," upon meeting Rose Tyler. Outside of the TARDIS, Martha is not only Brilliant, she's triumphant.

One of the things that really helped her transition (or the fans' perception of her transition) out of the TARDIS was giving her a lover that was NOT the Doctor. I was happy that she was happy. And how cool was it that Tom Milligan was the man who died for her in an alternate reality, even if he couldn't remember it?

But hello, here comes Doctor Who: The End of Time and Martha is with Mickey??? I think many, many fans cocked their heads to the side with that one and said "wtf?" I keep seeing posts going, "Okay, that's kind of awesome, but What happened to poor jilted Tom?"

I have a theory that has nothing to do with anyone being jilted, would you like to hear it? Great!

Martha is loyal to a fault. It took a year of absolute hell and her family being tortured before she finally left the Doctor, and even then she would have done anything for him. I find it hard to believe that she'd just abandon Tom, her fiance, for someone else, even if he is the dashingly brave and adorable Mickey Smith.

Also, Tom is a pediatrician. He works with children. What's more, he is a man we've all seen will die for what he believes in. Anyone guessing where I'm going with this? I don't find it a stretch at all that Tom might have found his untimely demise off camera during Torchwood's Children of Earth. The 456 wanted children. The governments of earth were taking them by force. Maybe sick kids were just as undesirable and therefore as expendable as poor ones.

And as far as Mickey persuading her to go freelance. Perhaps it wasn't so hard to persuade her once the very government she worked for was responsible for the death of her fiance?

We have no idea how far in the future the Doctor Traveled to save Martha and Mickey from that Sontaran. It could have been five or even ten years, plenty of time (with room to spare) for Martha to become a widow, be comforted by the lovely (and sooo ready to love someone) Mickey and to fall in love. So until I hear otherwise, the above is my personal cannon.

I'd write an epic fic to illustrate it all, but as a working mom with an infant I just do not have the time. I'm actually writing this while my son naps. So I'd love it if anyone else would like to take the idea and run with it. Just do me a favor and let me know, so I can read it.
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Sarah: Doctor Who - Marthapie_is_good on January 3rd, 2010 05:22 pm (UTC)
That is a brilliant theory.

Also, I wrote something the other day and deleted it/didn't post it about how RTD should have been done with DW along with Rose because I don't think he ever quite managed to make it work and still wanted to write the Doctor and Rose. He tried to continue writing it without Rose there, with another companion we should be loving instead. It's hard to love Martha when the character who tells you who you should and shouldn't like is still busy pining over Rose.

I think he got a little better with Donna, but I still think he didn't quite have it. After the last few specials, I firmly believe that RTD was meant to write Nine/Rose and was able to continue with Ten/Rose because he still had Rose. Once he lost her, it kind of seems like his writing was all over the place, made less sense, and just in general did not work as well.

Of course that's probably just me. And it has nothing to do with me loving Rose and Doctor/Rose. It's just RTD's writing. :/ He has good moments, but in finales, especially, I think his last good one was Doomsday. The last three (Last of the Time Lords, Journey's End, and The End of Time Part Two) I hated quite a bit, though they of course all have their moments because as much as I hate RTD, he still does write some of my favorite characters.

And an addition to that train of thought is Martha - you're right, she got infinitely better once RTD gave her something else in life besides the Doctor.

This has gotten really incoherent and rambly and tl;dr. I have no idea if I'm making any sense. Whoops.

So, short story: I'm bitter, but I really like your Martha theory! :)
Sarah!: [DW] Pinkkillmotion on January 4th, 2010 12:17 am (UTC)
I love Martha. I loved Rose. I love Donna...I loooved 9, I loved 10. I'm sure to love 11 given time to adjust. I am a big lover!

Yes, I was confused. So much so that I didn't even THINK that it might not be 2009/2010. It could be 2014 or 2021! Huh. Yes, plenty of time to have a heart heal and move on.
lachrimtov on January 5th, 2010 02:11 am (UTC)
Go Martha, Go Micky!
I think it's sweet and also super-ironic that Mickey ends up eventually with another girl who fell for the Doctor- at least he understands some of it. Love to see some fanfic about their getting together.

I'm sad about David leaving, but I think that 11's introduction augured good things for this season. I think I may explode while waiting for Series 5 to start.
Happy New Year!
lachrimtov on January 6th, 2010 02:32 pm (UTC)
Shall I mention that I was quite amused to find out that Matt Smith played one of Belle's hookups in Secret Diary of A Call Girl? I found that funny.