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26 December 2009 @ 01:29 am
Doctor Who: End of Time pt 1 - reaction post  

2:10 - I absolutely love it when random people mention the Doctor being in certain historical accounts. It never gets old for me. I squeed when I saw the TARDIS in the stained glass window.

3:37 - John Simm and Bernard Cribbins in the opening credits FTW!

6:54 - I always enjoy it when the Doctor uses his rarely discussed psychic abilities. Sharing the "dreaming" with the ood was a nice example. Of course, it also worked rather well to sum up the last two series.

8:51 - Okay, revealing that the foreboding red fingernails of doom belong to some old lady I don't recognize was kind of anti-climactic.

9:15 - Oooh, scary red ood-eyes!

12:42 - Um. How exactly does a bit of Lucy's lipstick have any of the Master's "imprint" or whatever you want to call it? And for that matter, how the hell did she get lipstick in some creepy (albeit tiny) prison, where she was held in solitary confinement with no one to wear it for anyway?

13:30 - The Master has seriously lost it, I mean what he had left wasn't much, but however much it was is certainly gone. And now apparently he loves the drums, where once they tortured him by their very existence.

17:20 - I adore Wilf, I really do. The line about the Doctor's hair being "Modern, and all sticky-uppy" had me in stitches.

18:30 - Why is that young man called "Ginger?" His parents were just asking for him to get beat up on the playground.

19:40 - Eating with your mouth full even makes John Simm unsexy. A lesson for us all.

21:29 - The Master now has superpowers which include jumping to impossible heights, changing into an x-ray, and eating people's flesh while leaving their skeletons intact and upright.

21:45 - Nothing really happens here, other than I noticed how nice and lickable David Tennant's neck looks without a tie. The Blue shirt with the open collar was a good choice.

24:39 - "Minnie The Menace" just pinched the Doctors cheeks. How adorably inappropriate.

24:53 - AHAHA! Now she just pinched his other cheek.

26:53 - "Regeneration feels like dieing." Oh god, that's depressing. And the lip quiver...WAAA...and then he sees Donna....Waaaa!

29:29 - Dude, I'm bawling already, this does not bode well for the rest of the episode. The Doctor has just cried more in the past few seconds than he has since the Master died. He needs a hug, a BIG one.

31:30 - We may now add "shooting lightning out of his palms" to the Master's list of superpowers.

32:08 - And the slashers dance with glee as the Master and the Doctor cuddle, sort of. I did really enjoy the tiny little glimpse of their childhood together though. Two little boys, running through the red grass.

33:36 - The Master's list of yummy food is less than appetizing.

34:54 - More Doctor/Master cuddling, and YAY for more psychic timelord stuff!

35:53 - The Master is now "King of the Lab." Woops, sorry, wrong show.

36:52 - They've made the Doctor so frail in this episode. First he's crying at the drop of a hat and now he's lying, broken in the dirt. It's really foreboding.

42:25 - Wilf is in the TARDIS. Woot! And he's criticizing the Doctor's housekeeping. LOL!

43:31 - The Master is now in a straight jacket and being held by a LEASH. I am both amused and terrified by the slashy ramifications of this.

47:06 - Am I the only one thinking that the big baddie in a suit has a creepy relationship with his daughter?

49:49 - "Shimmer!" lol

55:31 - An entire planet of John Simms. Really? That's the big, bad thing that is going to destroy the earth? *rolls eyes*

55:43- ooh! Donna is waking up!

56:33 - *giggle!snort* Exactly how many costume changes did John Simm have to make for the scenes where he's everyone?

57:34: - The Doctor does his obligatory clenched teeth, wide eyes, heavy breathing scene.

58:13 - Timelords ftw!!!! But why do they want the end of time? And who is the woman covering her face? And more importantly, why is everyone wearing red?

I guess I'll have to watch the next episode to find out. The teaser looks really good. The four beats of a Timelord's heart. creepy.
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Sarah!: [DW Timey Wimeykillmotion on December 26th, 2009 08:28 am (UTC)
I quite loved it. It was all over the place with the wtf-iness and all but that's RTD for ya.

But where did the timelords come from, they were all dead!

I hope the confidential John Simm talks about the costume changes and being everrryone! That was amazing.
Rosie: Doctor/Rose photo maniprosie_not_rose on December 26th, 2009 10:54 am (UTC)

That scene in the cafe was just so heartbreaking. You can tell how completely lost and devastated he is, he NEVER cries. Well, rarely.