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Christmas Card Request Post!!!

I wasn't going to do this so soon, but everyone else seems to be and I don't want to miss out. If you'd like a Christmas Card from me, please comment with your full name and address as it should appear on an envelope. (especially if you do not live in the USA as I will not know how to format your address myself).

Comments are screened. If you do not celebrate Christmas, but would still like a card, please let me know that too. I'll see what I can do.

If you are sending out Christmas Cards this year, please include a link to your request post so I can add my name. I LOVE getting cards from all my friends every year.

UPDATE: Apparently, when you reply to a screened comment, it unlocks. I didn't know this, sorry. I've deleted each comment with personal information that was unlocked and I won't reply anymore, so please feel comfortable to leave me your addresses. I will reply in personal messages from now on.
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