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09 March 2009 @ 06:49 pm
Is this really so bad?  
I was supposed to go to my Mary Kay business meeting tonight. I usually go every other week. Anyway, I'm really tired today, most likely because of daylight savings time and being pregnant and stuff. The last time I was this tired I had to roll down the windows to stay awake while driving home. I decided not to go tonight and to go next week when I'm not thrown off by the stupid seasons changing.

Of course I told my husband I wasn't going and he just HAD to make me feel bad about it. So now I feel guilty. I need someone to agree with me that I made the right choice.
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
tasogareban: Angry Martha (DW)tasogareban on March 10th, 2009 01:57 pm (UTC)
Wait, huh, what?!? No, you made the right choice, FORGET that. I'm NOT pregnant but that one hour has thrown me off SO badly, it's insane. And I wouldn't ever risk anything if I'm as tired as I have been lately. And pregnant on top of it? YeahNO.