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Movie Review: Twilight

Things I liked:

- I think the movie was an excellent interpretation of the book. They didn't really change anything important and the main themes were exactly the same.

- I love the intensity of Edward. It was spot on and really showed the kind of emotions portrayed in the book, even his slightly stalker-ish tendencies.

- They included most of the characters and portrayed them correctly. They even physically looked a lot like I pictured them while reading the book.

**** Her school friends were nice, extremely normal, but fascinated with Bella a bit too much.

**** Rosalie was effectively bitchy

**** Alice was effectively perky

**** Carlyle was effectively nurturing

**** I LOVED Jake, he was perfect: cute but clueless (as he should be at this stage in the game)

**** I actually really liked Charlie (her dad). The actor did a great job of portraying a man who really wanted to get to know his daughter better, but didn’t really know how. He did a lovely job with such a small part.

Things I didn’t like as much, or would have done differently:

- I thought the foreshadowing in the beginning ("I never thought about how I would die...") was kind of weak. I understood where they were going with it, but if I’d never read the book I would have been very confused. It wasn't clear that it was foreshadowing until the end because she just goes right into talking about her mom's new husband and moving out of Phoenix. There's no real transition. I would have shown her going into the ballet studio, or riding away in the cab, in the beginning and then faded out to Phoenix to show some sort of difference between one sentence and the next.

- The beginning of the movie (before the Vampires showed up) was a bit slow. But then again, so was the beginning of the book.

- I would have liked to have seen more of the other Cullens. I understand why they weren’t in it much, the movie was a bit pressed for time, but except for a few lines here and there we hardly heard from them at all. Poor Emmet barely said two words. If I hadn’t read the book I would have hardly noticed he was there at all.

- Bella’s research into the Vampire/Werewolf legends was a little strange. She tracked down a book at a bookstore by searching the internet. Then, when she purchases the book, instead of actually reading it she only uses it to find more things to google.

Favorite scenes:

- Edward wishing he could turn around and rip the heads off of Bella’s would-be rapists. Again, I really loved his intensity.

- When Bella falls asleep in Edwards arms. *sigh*

- The kiss scene. For being brief and mostly chase it was extremely hot.

- Carlyle telling Rosalie that Bella was "part of the family now." and that they take care of family. It really showed his personality in two small sentences. Her acquiescence showed a bit of hers.
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