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Baby Adipose visits the firehouse

There was a tiny alien invasion today as my firefighter husband took our adopted baby adipose to the firehouse for fire prevention day. They had so much fun together that Baby wanted to tell you all about it.

Note: my lovely husband surprised me with these pictures when I got home from work today. I had no idea he was taking them. :)

"This is just a decoration right? You don't really have any dogs here, right?"

Squad 47
"Here I am with "Squad 47," or the rescue pumper truck. I'm sitting on the rotating light on the front."

Tower 47 wide
"I liked the Tower better, can you spot me?"

Tower 47 close
"Here I am!!"

Federal Siren (LOUD)
"Riding the siren. This one is a Federal Siren, that just means it's really LOUD."

"Hoses, hoses everywhere, but not a drop to drink."

"This is a BIG nozzle for the hoses, think of it as a water cannon. It's too bad the Doctor didn't have this instead of the water pistol in "Fires of Pompeii."

"Breaker, Breaker? Umm, why isn't the mother ship answering?"

"Umm, I think I need a few more friends to drive this."

"I'll steer, they can work the pedals."

Jaws of life
"Here are the Jaws of Life. Anyone need rescuing?"

chainsaw, K-12 saw, gas can
"Hee hee. I like chainsaws."

"and stuff for breaking down walls, and doors, and stuff."

MSA air pack
*deep breathing* "Luke I am your father!" (sorry, wrong fandom.)

pump panel up
"There's lots and lots of stuff on this truck that does...stuff."

"I played in daddy's gear, but it didn't fit too well."

"I liked the helmet best."

JR Firefighter
"So daddy got me my own."

jr fire fighter on DR WHO shelf
"Which I love showing off on my favorite shelf."

JR Firefighter close
"Now remember, don't play with matches and change your smoke detector batteries twice a year! :)

I hope you enjoyed seeing my adventure today. Stay tuned as we travel the world. hee! (or at least part of it)"
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